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Tile installation Walk-in Steam Shower Glass Enclosure door Brandon MB Manitoba

Tile Steam Shower Installation
Brandon MB

  No bathroom feature tends to you and your well being as intimately as a steam shower does. Let us delve into the expanse of health benefits your new custom tile steam shower has waiting for you. 


  Steam opens the pores and allows the body to release toxins. This in turn purifies your skin, removing blackheads and reducing acne. It soothes and reduces dry skin leaving you feeling rejuvenated. A steam shower will quickly invigorate you, even after a hard days work.

  A tile walk-in steam shower will give you the upper hand combatting viruses and bacteria. Raising your body temperature supports your immune system and increases your white blood cell count to help fight infection.

  Steam helps to alleviate:

• Arthritis pain

• Respiratory issues

• Cardiovascular issues

• Hypertension

• Allergies

• Sore Muscles/Backs

• Anxiety 

• Fatigue 

• Depression

• Sleep issues

  A tile walk-in steam shower increases your metabolism. A fifteen minute steam shower burns 150 calories. 

Steam therapy can help you get a better night's sleep and increases REM deep sleep cycle length.

A tile steam shower helps remove lactic acid from your muscles after a workout, which reduces the soreness of post workout muscles. 

Installing a custom tile walk-in steam shower is a considerable investment and while it may seem like a luxury, improving your health, well being and outlook on life is inestimably rewarding, not only to you, but to your family, friends, coworkers and everyone in your life you help to inspire. As your gaze shifts outward away from your own pain, you may see more clearly how you may help others and lift them up and helping and serving others is infinitely rewarding.  

Tile walk-in steam showers add resale value. A custom tile walk-in steam shower from JMJ Tileworks can make the difference in getting the price you want when selling your home. 

If you think having your own personal health spa for years and years to come and/or making your home more valuable to buyers is a great idea, than consider this an investment well made.   

Tile Steam Shower
Installation Projects

Tile walk-in steam shower, custom shower glass door installation, bench and niche. Tile installation Kirkcaldy Dr Brandon MB

Tile walk-in steam shower, custom shower glass door installation, bench and niche. Tile installers Brandon MB

Subway tile walk-in steam shower with niches, rain shower head, stone curb Brandon MB

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