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Pre-Manufactured Vs Custom Glass

  There are lots of well made pre-manufactured shower glass doors that come in beautiful designs so why would you need to buy a custom shower glass enclosure?

  Let us start with sizing. Pre-manufactured glass doors come in pre-determined sizes. If your shower base is within the size required for a pre-manufactured door then you can choose a box store glass door. Keep in mind that not all designs come in all sizes and your options may be limited with larger sizes.


  Planning tip: If you want to keep your costs down, choose your door before you choose your shower size. There are even pre-manufactured enclosures that have plans for a pony wall(half-wall) to be built. Just make sure you hire a professional tile setter to ensure the dimensions end up what they are supposed to(and so your tile install looks amazing).

  The next item is cost. Custom glass shower doors, when cut at the factory, require specialized labour to set up shop for one enclosure from one drawing as opposed to an assembly line of entry level workers cutting 1000s of doors from one drawing. Custom shower doors can be 1-3/4 to 2-1/2 times the cost of a pre-manufactured shower door. It goes to say that, if you get custom, you might as well get some accessories cut into the glass like robe hooks, accessories or a towel bar. The additional cost is minor compared to the cost as a whole.

  And finally, there is quality. There are lots of pre-manufactured doors that come with great hardware and even include a factory installed protective coating, but being competitive and relying on factories, leaves some room for missing hardware/parts, inferior hardware plating, design flaws and unreliable instructions. Custom glass doors on the other hand are always built with quality parts and the installer will not need instructions. Again, there are many well built pre-manufactured shower doors; these will be the more costly of the bunch and the selections will need to be reviewed to make sure they include the features you want. These doors can save you money and give you a reliable product, but will require more legwork..., finger work..., brainwork..., they will require more work. 

Types of Glass

  The type of glass you use for your custom shower enclosure will change the whole dynamic of your bathroom or serve to stand clear of the view. 


 A clear glass shower enclosure will open up a bathroom to feel airy and help to display a beautiful tile shower surround. Want to really show off that beautiful new tile shower? Low-iron glass is the clearest glass with much less greenish tinge to it, but be prepared, this upgrade will add considerably more to the price. 


A frosted or opaque glass shower enclosure may be artistically formulated to cover all or half of the glass and in appealing shapes or designs. This also offers a little more cozy feeling of privacy in the shower. This look, as well as any textured glass, can also inspire a little sense of mystery and intrigue as to what lies beyond, a shower that is yours and for your eyes only.

Perhaps you would like the feeling of running water like a waterfall or you are the melancholy type who appreciates a rainy day. A rain glass shower enclosure can give you that look while offering some privacy.  

Here are some options to help you define your custom shower glass enclosure

Starphire glass has the greenish tinge removed from the glass, also called low-iron glass. 


• Clarvista factory applied protective coating ensures that your shower door is easy to clean and lasts for many years. 

• 3/8-1/2 inch thick glass makes for a door that is anything but flimsy, lots of pre-manufactured doors come in 5/16, but there are a few that come in 3/8 inch and the odd one that comes in 1/2 inch. 

• Glass options include bronze or grey tint, Rain Glass, Mattlux Frosted, Mattlux and the Starphire Ultraclear glass. 

These options are available as well as a beautiful selection of handles, knobs, pulls, glass mount towel bars/robe hooks and other accessories in a broad selection of finishes. See for shower hardware options.

Frame or Frameless

If you like to explore with eclectic, dramatic or metallic styles and design, go for a framed glass enclosure. Panels of glass framed in to any style of metal, even black powder coated frames. 

Frameless shower enclosures work well with a minimalist or airy style. they also suit smaller bathrooms well as they do not impose into the space.  Frameless enclosures are any glass enclosure where at least one glass edge is exposed and polished. There is lots to explore with frameless glass showers and you can find all your hardware options at

There are more patterns, designs and textures to explore with shower glass enclosures and if you're up to it, you can create something truly unique and beautiful to finish off your bathroom remodel. 

  Have any questions? JMJ Tileworks have helped many clients navigate the world of pre-made and custom glass shower doors to find them the best option for their budget and needs.


  Let us help you define your style and finish off your beautiful new shower with a glass shower door.

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