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Brandon Manitoba
Brandon Manitoba Canada

curbless walk-in tile shower bathroom remodel near Brandon Manitoba

Curbless Walk-In Tile Shower Bathroom Remodel Brandon MB

JMJ Tileworks is proudly serving Brandon Manitoba with Bathroom remodelling and professional tile installation. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your next exciting project.


We install kitchen and bathroom tile backsplashes, curbless walk-in tile showers, tile floor installations, tiled countertops and more. We can even build a fully custom tiled bathtub for you, like your own private spa! 

Are you wanting a whole new change? Call us to schedule an appointment to review your total bathroom renovation ideas. We will walk you through from concept to completion with friendly, professional service. 


Brandon is our main service area and you may see our JMJ Tileworks truck and trailer roaming around town during the week. Brandon is a beautiful city full of intrigue and wonder, home to renowned musicians, authors, hockey players and WWII heroes. The highest recorded temperature in Brandon was 43.3 degrees Celsius on July 11, 1936. 

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