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Tile Accent Wall

When a room feels a dull, there are a few ways to use an accent wall to add some character, colour and depth to the room. We've seen painted accent walls, reclaimed wood, shiplap wood accent walls and more. But, what really stands out from the rest is stone. You will not regret your investment when the years trending accent wall styles go out of vogue. Tile is timeless and gripping. And, out of all the aforementioned accent walls, it is the only one that will emit zero VOCs. 

Do you want to turn your room into a tropical dream? There is a new tile that looks very much like a warm white sandy beach with windswept sand waiting for cool feet to sink into it.

Maybe you like the wood look accent wall, but not the VOCs from stain or the idea of cleaning it. There is big production of long wood plank tile as it is in high demand and the looks and textures are very enticing.

Large format tile. You have the option of turning your tile accent wall into a marble slab. With tile as large as 10ft x5ft, 4ftx4ft, 3ftx3ft and other varying sizes, the foundations of European architecture are yours to elaborate your home with. Give your home the solid weight of stone.

kitchen tile backsplash near Kemnay MB subway  hexagon brick pattern

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