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Dusty Gloves


JMJ Tileworks,
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Anyone who has ever had construction done or has done it themselves, know that the work does not stop when the hammer stops swinging or the last tile is set. Dust can linger in the air and settle in all sorts of inconvenient places. 

  JMJ Tileworks is one step ahead. We take extra care to make sure your new tile or glass project comes out like a shiny new present at Christmas. Who has ever had to clean up dust from the inside of a new car after they just bought it?

  So How Does JMJ Tileworks Stop The Dust?

  I am so glad you asked. 

  We will first and foremost do our cutting outside or in a garage. If the site and you permit, indoor cutting right next to the installation helps us get the job done faster and out of your home sooner, but this is completely up to your discretion. If we are permitted to cut in a garage, care will be taken so that the space is maintained clean and in its original state. We invest in professional tile tools (wet saws and mortar mixing systems) beyond the scope of your local box store that contain dust and water to an impressive degree. 


So what about dust from demolition of old tile?

  You ask such very good questions.


In the case of demolition, we create what is called a "dust barrier". A dust barrier is made of clear, light, polyethylene plastic sheets, extension rods with soft feet to hold the poly up to the ceiling, a zipper or magnetized door (or two) and a 6hp vacuum with a fine dust filter. Your home's air may be cleaner when we leave than when we came in. Our system may use some painters tape that is gentle on your walls and comes off clean.

  For demolition that involves a tremendous amount of dust, ie., concrete grinding, we seal return ducts and employ the use of dust barriers as well as air movers that vent the dusty air directly outside somewhere far enough away to not leave a mess on your home or your neighbour's ; leaving your home (and your neighbours) clean and spiffy. 

If there are cabinets, furniture or belongings in the room, they will be covered with poly or removed to a clean space.

In the case of mixing mortar and grout, this will always be done outside in an appropriate area.

Most tile setters will do everything possible to get as close to the project as they can due to the intensive labour of the job. On big projects, 50 - 100 cuts, 30ft away can make the job into an all-out marathon. This setup however, also adds time onto the project so if there is any way the cutting can be done closer, it will save you money. That being said, our main and top priority is to respect your home and make sure you feel that your home is being respected.

As it does fall in line with protecting your home during construction, I will mention how we protect your floors, as well. Before we begin any tile or glass project, we want to make sure that your floors are protected from dripping tile, work shoes, debris and even your appliances if they need be moved. We do this by rolling out floor protector. Floor protector is either a thick cardboard (Ramboard) or fleece product (Guardia)  that resists impact, water, and abrasion.

Enjoy your new tile and leave the dust to us. 

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