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Experience the Difference

When you walk into your kitchen, are you elated? Does your kitchen inspire conversation? Is it the centre of your home?


If it is not quite there, the one thing that could be missing is that splash of charisma that shows your personal style and distinction. 


A tile backsplash can make the difference between a typical kitchen and a warm abode for your family. The difference between a fast food diner and a place your family can sit and relax together to commune. When you have an attractive space in your home, it inspires you, it makes you more productive, more creative and gives you an overall better sense of well-being. 

What's your s-TILE?

There is an intriguing world to explore when it comes to tile. Give your home some European panache with marble (Calacata, Marmo Venato, Bianca Carrara) or Travertine style porcelain. Explore the Canadian Rockies with slate or discover other natural stone that will move your guests. Stir up some spice from the middle east with arabesque style tile. Reignite some coastal dreams with three dimensional tile that imitates the white sandy shores of tropical seas.  

Perhaps you are the elegant and subtle type. Discern your way through simple yet striking patterns and designs. Adorn your walls with crystal and silver accents. Enkindle your canvas with gold and precious stone. Set your home apart with the beauty of tile.


  Choosing your tile can be almost as exciting as seeing it professionally installed in your kitchen. A backsplash is a perfect way to transform your kitchen without a major overhaul. Call JMJ Tileworks and begin your journey.

Tile Backsplash Installation Projects

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