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Marble Floor


  We don't have much for mountains or scenic rock cliffs in Manitoba, but we can still enjoy the look and feel of stone in our homes with tile flooring. With so many options of tile such as marble, porcelain, ceramic, and more. Recreate, with tile, the natural feeling of solid rock beneath your feet. 

  Europeans tile on concrete and stone, but in Canada we build our houses with wood and that creates a challenge for hard surface installation.


  Wood expands and contracts with humidity and temperature much more than does tile or stone. This can create issues in wet areas for tile flooring installations, if the substrate is not properly prepared. It provides good insurance to add waterproofing in dry areas also, as an unexpected flood can end up compromising your tile floor when the substrate swells from moisture.


  Another issue with installing tile flooring on wood is that our wood floors deflect or bend slightly as we walk on them especially with large gatherings on holidays. large spans of flooring that do not have proper joist spacing or reinforcement may deflect too much for tile, especially in the case of large format. You may end up spending a fair amount of money on a floor that will have to be entirely removed and replaced if the tile setter does not identify potential issues before installing your tile.


  Thankfully, the tile industry has come a long way in managing these issues and JMJ Tileworks is at the forefront of these tile installation advancements to make sure your tile floor is built to last.

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