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JMJ Tileworks has been in development since 2012. Our determination has kept our company strong and our ability to rise above adversity will show in our work and in getting your next tile install completed on budget and on time. 

We understand that it is a privilege to be welcomed into our clients' home and we strive to treat your home with respect. Our employees maintain cleanliness and conduct themselves in the utmost manner of professionalism. When you hire JMJ Tileworks, you can expect friendly, respectful and professional service. We are a professional tile installation contractor proud to serve Brandon Manitoba and the surrounding area.

Hard surfaces are desired because they last. Did you know that there are still tile mosaics existing today from 1600 BC? In Canada, we build our houses with wood and that creates substantial difficulties for tile contractors, who prefer to set tile on something that does not move. Many a tile installation that appeared fine after installation would have issues years later. Methodologies and technologies have come a long way, but implementing and navigating them takes dedication. JMJ Tileworks is the name you can rely on to ensure sound, lasting results.







Kristian obtained his red seal journeyman carpenter certificate in 2012 at SAIT Polytechnic Institute in Calgary AB. He started a one man construction business in 2012 and worked from the ground up to establish himself in the construction industry. Tile installation had always drawn Kristian and after receiving business coaching, it made the most sense to specialize in tile. Kristian has completed the TTMAC (Tile Terrazzo and Marble Association of Canada) certifications for Tile Installation. With the help of his wife and children, JMJ Tileworks was created and they settled in the Westman area in 2017.


Kristian has 18 years of experience and is well versed in all facets of home construction and finishing so even though we specialize in tile, any challenges that come up during installation can be dealt with at Journeyman standards. Throughout his career, Kristian developed a passion for tile installation and now dedicates himself entirely to it. Pure craftsmanship and developing with the newest products and methodologies are among his highest priorities.


From humble beginnings, we now have an established company, ready to complete your next tile installation or custom glass shower door installation. We work with credible sub trades local to your area to get your project done on schedule. We and our specialized subcontractors are committed to meeting code compliancy to keep you and your family safe. With a strategy built around organization and professionalism, we are able to complete your dream project on time and on budget.

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