Questions & Answers

Q: Which methods of payment do you accept?
A: We accept Debit, Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard, 
Q: How do you determine the price of the project?
A: The price of a particular project is determined on a per job basis. A thorough inspection of the site reveals any specific job challenges. A target budget range can usually be set on the first sales call preceding an agreement for a firm price quotation.
One thing should be mentioned and is not always obvious. The selections, such as tile, flooring, surfacing, hardware, and faucets can substantiate 40-60% of the job costs and can vary significantly the cost of labour and the cost of the job. A firm price quotation relies heavily upon a set design and completed selection sheet. It is a common mistake to choose a contractor who lowball "guesstimates" with the cheapest selections and no design, only to realize they will have to pay for all the "extra" quality selections and design they actually want. They could have gone with the clean, respectful, organized contractor, who gave them REAL numbers from the beginning.
Q: Do you give free estimates?
A: For a small job that may take a day or two, it may be possible to give an accurate cost expectation right away. There are a number of online resources that can help develop a sense for a particular job budget. With this information you may wish to proceed to have a contractor visit your home, but be prepared to make a decision. 
For most jobs, a contractor who is in high demand will expect some sort of commitment before proceeding with a firm price quotation. With a commitment, the contractor knows you are a serious client, ready to make  decision to invest in your home.
Q: What is your rate?
A: Each job we do is quoted out with a firm price. Without clear expectations for price, a contractor and client are more likely to end up disputing the cost in court. A contract includes labour, material, equipment and sub-trades. The contractor is a singular contact point between the client and these elements that build a project. If it is found that some material is defective, a detail was overlooked, or if anything else happens, the home owner does not have to search through phone numbers or track down a sub-trade and hope they chose one with insurance and WCB. They simply call the contractor, who will make things right and has already chosen reputable, reliable resources. The contractor is also liable for faulty materials, if they supplied them. 
Q: Why is your price so high? I got three estimates and yours was the highest of the three.
A: We do not give estimates, we provide firm price quotations based on a set of plans procured from a design agreement. There are contractors who pitch low with a guesstimate, no plan, knowing they will get the job and then bring the client to reality when the job is finished. Our prices are meant to give you a real cost with no extra trips to the bank. 
If you go to Ashleys Furniture, you most likely won't have to go back for that particular item in a long time. If you go to Walmart or IKEA for that same item, let us just say you get what you pay for and sometimes you pay twice. The same holds true for contractors. But it doesn't stop there. Have you ever heard of the contractor who starts a job and takes off for a few weeks? This contractor underquoted and knows the his business will not be able to pay its' bills so he is ghosting on the client. What about the contractor who left nails and debris all over the lawn for the kids to find? This contractor underquoted, realized he was paying for the job and thought maybe the client could help since they got such a good deal. There is also the contractor who finally answered the phone for the client to communicate an issue with and never followed up until it became contentious. This contractor is not charging enough to run a business and is so stretched thin from all the tasks involved that he cannot manage client relations professionally.
I say he a lot because any woman who starts a construction company would probably be smarter than most men who do and ask for help right away. 
When you choose a contractor it is wise to choose one you can trust, that is reputable, clean(clothes, truck), answers the phone, shows up on time. There will be strangers entering your home for weeks on end and it may feel like you are not in control of your home, imagine that with a contractor who will not or can not afford to act like a professional with you and keep you in the loop, because they don't charge enough. 
Q: Does your work come with guarantees and warranties?
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Q: Why don't you accept cash deals?
Q: There's an issue with your completed project, now what?
Q: Do you do "Time and Materials" jobs?
Q: Do I save money if I buy all the materials and you only do the installation?
Q: I live an hour away, do you charge extra for mobilization?
Q: Are all tile created equal?