3D Conceptual Design

You have a vision, a dream, a desire to elaborate upon the physical elements that adorn your illustrious dwelling. It is a worthwhile investment and any investment should be well planned.  If you have samples, colour palettes and a collection of ideas, we can "build" your project before we build your project. 

Design can be hard to grasp. Some of us get hooked on a style that we are excited about and looks stunning, but sometimes we realize all too late that our modern minimalist aesthetic in the living room doesn't quite flow into our traditional victorian kitchen. So when you plan your design, educate yourself as much as you can or hire a consultant (someone who's expertise has earned them a living) to give you sound guidance. With our professional grade 3D Rendering and floor layout software, let us help you visualize your ideas and give you options to consider to help you create something beautiful. 

In order to get an accurate quote for your project, you need a plan, not a sketch or a rough idea. A drafted plan with electrical, HVAC, framing and plumbing layout with selections such as trim, flooring, countertops, tile, etc,... allows us to give you a firm quote with no guess work and no trips back to the bank. A firm quote will always be higher than an estimate. An estimate is the number that sounds nice; a firm quote tells the truth upfront.  

Something to consider: the selections that you choose, will make up 40-60% of the job costs. Without a detailed plan, there is no firm quote. Design should be part of the budget. Have a clear plan that can be read by all the sub trades that we will be using to compile your firm quote. Ask us about our Design-to-Build process to help simplify getting your remodel done the way you want, within budget and on schedule.

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